​​Sustainable engineering systems institute (SeSi)

Whether you are looking to develop motorised solutions, low-energy drives or lightweight structures, SeSi should be your first port of call. We can help you refine your idea, create a prototype and even manufacture the end product or system. Thanks to our outstanding ability to integrate and manage multiple technologies (electronic and information technologies, in particular), we are able to deliver high-performance and sustainability both to your products, and to your organisation (Industry 4.0).
The systems we help to develop will the meet the demands placed on them throughout their entire life cycle: from manufacture right up to recycling, and every phase in between (PLM – Product Lifecycle Management). When it comes to PLM, SeSi uses the latest CAx simulation tools, and has the requisite infrastructure to build and test prototypes. The end result is a robust solution that is industrialisation-ready.

Core competences

The extensive and consistent use of virtual models, coupled with the multidisciplinary skills of the SeSi team mean that we are able ahead of time to identify potential problems with the service conditions or the installation of the system. The Institute is focused on developing systems that are adapted to each phase in their life cycle. SeSi is committed to building collaborative partnerships within the Fribourg School of Engineering and Architecture, as well as with other institutes and industry.